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co-founder of WeTransfer

"Pretty nifty app to protect your Wi-Fi connection!”

Jacco Onderdijk
Security Consultant

"Job well done!”

WifiMask user

"I prefer to remain anonymous”


Strong encryption
"Top Secret"-level encryption: AES-256-GCM, 4096-bit RSA & DH. This will get the nod from every Security Engineer.

Choose a different location and get access to content which is only available in certain regions.

Ad blocking
WifiMask speeds up your internet connection by blocking annoying ads with a daily updated blocklist.

Malware blocking
WifiMask keeps you safe from malware and phishing attempts with a daily updated blocklist.

Using WiFi hotspots is like walking around naked and hoping nobody sees you. WifiMask turns your data invisible with encryption.

Kill Switch & Firewall
No data leaking when the app is reconnecting. As long as the app is turned on, you're protected.

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Unblock content with Teleporting

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Amsterdam (The Netherlands, EU)
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Istanbul (Turkey, Europe)
New York (USA East)
San Francisco (USA West)
Toronto (Canada)
Tokyo (Japan, Asia)
Singapore (Asia)
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